Terms & Conditions


Please take a moment to read our online shopping terms and conditions to understand how they apply to your online purchases of any products & services from hqcollection.co.za. The following below refers to the Customer as the "Purchaser" generally meaning a person or firm contracting with the seller (hqcollection.co.za) for products, services & merchandise to be collected or delivered to a paid and accurately named Individual or Business.


You may only use this site to browse the content, make legitimate purchases and shall not use this site for any other purposes, including without limitation, to make any speculative, false or fraudulent purchases. hqcollection.co.za welcomes fair reviews for the overall experience and when things go wrong, please note that hqcollection.co.za will assist every Purchaser to the best of their ability to correct the problem/delays & assist in helping the customer as swiftly as possible.


All Products that are displayed on this Website may also be purchased at our physical showroom in Cape Town, therefore, our fulfillment confirmation is very important. Once the online shop order is received, you will receive an order confirmation, this means we received the order on our email. One of our floor assistants need to physically fulfill the order, should a customer inside our physical showroom purchase your online item before it's packaged, we will offer a suitable alternative style / product or a complete refund of your order (see refund policy below). When the order is successfully fulfilled, it means the product has been packaged and a courier has been dispatched to collect the product from our warehouse/shop and it is making its way to you and you will receive a fulfillment email with the waybill number and courier details for parcel tracking. Order fulfillment  takes 12-48 hours to fulfill dependent on weekends, public holidays & long weekends.


Should we have stock available orders will be dispatched the following working day provided that payment has reflected. Should the product not be in stock we will be in contact with you to advise you when our new stock arrives. In the instance of an item paid.

  1. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS EXCEPTED; it is an expression that is used as a disclaimer against clerical error. Any clerical error is a mistake made in an invoice, product price, marketing, order, fulfillment, courier or any other internal or external business processes. Such errors like an unintentional addition or omission of a word or figure. Hello Quality Collection attempts to be accurate in describing all products available for sale, however, it does not warrant Product descriptions or other additional content on our online shop to be 100% error-free as information is updated regularly and might change from time to time. Mistakes of this kind are usually as a result of an oversight, system glitch and usually occur by means of human error. We encourage customers to notify us of any mistakes and to kindly report to us immediately via message or email to sales.bootsforsale@gmail.com with any queries or concerns.

Refunds will be made between 3-6 working days. If a purchaser cancels an order after making a credit/debit card payment or if a discount needs to be applied after a website processing error (which will be investigated fairly) partially why a refund takes 3-6 working days are to ensure a true reflection of funds/payment at our Bank before we reimburse the purchaser. No refunds will be offered on sale items.


Thank you for visiting our online shop and for making a purchase, we truly value you.